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Neck Support for Power Cushion - Medium Density

5.50 LBS

Neck Support Attachment - Medium Density

Varieties of Posture

Varieties of Posture 

Upgrade the Power Cushion with extra neck support while adding strength to the body. 

People often forget about the importance of neck health, causing constant abuse to the neck without realizing it. Leaning forward and looking down day all long can wreck havoc and result in a lot of damage. It is important to reverse the effects of these harmful and repetitive motions. In doing so, we can help give our necks and backs the ideal shape and posture. 

This neck support attachment improves and upgrades the Power Cushion. You can also buy the equipment together in a bundle and save money. 

A spinal disc is passive, like a ligament. It does not stretch much and has a passive stabilization, which means it is not strong. The only way to effectively protect the neck is to get the correct shape and posture by exercising and strengthening the muscles. If you don't have the proper spinal curve, the shear reverses and cause the disc to herniate. 

The Neck Shaper helps support the neck in the way that Dr. Scherger talked about positioning the spine as if it has good posture. The same can be done with the neck. This attachment positions the neck, with support, as if it already has good posture. It will help to orthopedically adjust to put the vertebrae back where they belong. 

We encourage you to also check out our Neck Strengthening Exercises PDF Guide: Neck Flexion to learn how to do the Neck Flexion. This exercise helps support movement through a range of motion while in an upright position with the goal of developing resistance from horizontal forces against the neck muscles.  Dr. Scherger used to have professional football players roll up towels and use them over the top of the power cushion to do the Neck Flexion. Your lower back will develop a curve if you perform this exercise correctly. The exercise can be done with your bare hands or the Neck Shaper (recommended). You can grip the Neck Shaper with the bar attachment to maintain ideal body symmetry and prevent any uneven application resistance. 

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