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Baja Gold Sea Salt

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Baja Gold Sea Salt

Baja Sea Salt is natural, unrefined, and does not give up its exceptional taste for the abundance of minerals and trace elements it contains. 

This is a gourmet food salt that originates from a divine estuary in the Sea of Cortez in Baja, Mexico. Baja natives produce the salt with proven effective traditions that have been passed down through generations. You are guaranteed only the best quality with Baja Gold. 

How is the salt made?

The dehydration process starts when tides move new sea water into the estuary with the powerful solar heat and dry desert winds. The quick water evaporation creates a solution of sea water that is highly concentrated. After the solution arrives at a particular concentration level, it is then moved to evaporation or crystallization ponds where the intense heat evaporates the remaining water. Baja Gold is formed.

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Water from the Sea of Cortez has over 50,000 natural organic compounds, as well as 90 minerals and trace elements. Specialized salt-making techniques ensure that all minerals and trace elements found in the sea water are also in Baja Gold Sea Salt.

What differentiates Baja Gold 

Naturally low in sodium chloride, Baja Gold is not touched once it is solidified. This is different from the process of international salt companies, who create pure white crystals by washing their sea salt, eliminating minerals and trace elements, and producing 97-99% sodium chloride. 

The minerals in the salt, such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium, as well as the trace elements, including gold, yttrium, and zinc, give it its fantastic flavor. Health professionals acknowledge that Baja Gold contains minerals and trace elements that are lacking in the average human diet, despite being vital for optimal health. 

Gourmet chefs also love the new dimensions of taste that Baja Gold provides to their food. It enhances the gastronomic value with its flavor and soft texture. 

Boost the nutritional value of your food with Baja Gold Sea Salt. For an additional body balancing, nutrient and mineral rich, food salt, check out Healthy Salt.

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