Moisturizing Tallow Balm That Doesn't Add Toxins to Your Body

Eileen Durfee: We make some natural skincare products and I'd like to show you our tallow balm. We spent all this time detoxifying our bodies, breathing clean air, drinking clean water, and sweating in our sauna, but what are you putting on your skin. That's another pathway to either nourish the skin or to introduce more toxins. So, we recommend using tallow balm. Now, not all tallow is created equal. Our tallow balm comes from only a portion of the fat found on a cow. There might be 200, 300 pounds of fat on an animal, but we only use the fat that's in the fascia sack above the kidneys.

So, on a whole cow, we might get 15 pounds of fat, and we're using exclusively grassfed animals. So, sometimes that number can be even lower. Now the benefits to that are, you're not going to smell like a hamburger when you put this on your skin. But in the 1800s, this was really the only skincare that our ancestors used. It absorbs well into the skin and its full of vitamins and nutrients and anti-aging properties. So, we use grassfed kidney tallow in our products. We render it down and we mix it with organic Extra Virgin First Press Olive Oil and then we add different essential oils. We sell it in the unscented, the Lavender which is what I'm going to be demonstrating and then an Acceptance blend.

So, the tallow when it's at room temperature is nice and soft. And it's very moisturizing. You just rub it on the skin and the heat in the body, even if there's little filling like crystals in it will melt and then rub into the skin. Temperature change during shipment can cause the tallow to be grainy. There's a simple procedure where you can set the whole jar like on a heating pad, warm it up with it and then put it in the refrigerator then bring it out and then it won't be grainy anymore or you can just put it on your skin and it’ll absorb.

Now when I've been on television and I've hired professional makeup artists, I go in with just having washed my face and adding tallow balm. And every one of them have commented, oh my gosh, half the time we spent is to get the skin properly moisturized before we add makeup. And with tallow balm product, every single one of them said, your skin is perfectly moisturized. So, I don't know of any other product that provides nourishment to the skin and effective moisturizing without adding toxins to your body.

So, we highly recommend it. You can look at the product reviews on the website. It really soothes sore skin. It can be dry or chaffed or have eruptions, eczema, psoriasis and so you can choose again between Unscented Lavender or Acceptance. The Acceptance blend has Frankincense and some other healing things. So, if you really have skin issues that I would recommend trying the Acceptance blend, but yes, let's take care of our bodies and stop putting in the toxins and use natural products.