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Bamboo Mat Yoga Tent

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Biohacker Todd Shipman practices Hot Yoga in the Hot Yoga & Exercise Tent

Bamboo Mat Yoga Tent

Boost your sauna experience with our high quality bamboo mat, which is perfectly fitted to use with the Hot Yoga and Exercise Radiant Sauna Tent

The spacious enclosure of the yoga tent is large enough to not only comfortably take a sauna, but get in a great workout.

Place the bamboo mat inside the enclosure and over the floor to protect it from all the sweat and moisture of your sauna or workout.

We recommend taking a step further and adding an Organic Cotton Bamboo Rug over the top of your bamboo mat.  The rug is available in two sizes for the yoga tent:

Sauna therapy is even more powerful when combined with exercise, including hot yoga.  Check out the Home Near Infrared Sauna Hot Yoga Studio, which includes everything you need for the full sauna experience - including this bamboo mat. 

Whichever sauna experience you choose, there is a bamboo mat for you. If you would like to purchase the bamboo mat for your convertible tent, you can do so here. The Portable Near Infrared Sauna Lamp and Tent Bundle allows for a person to take a sauna standing, sitting, or lying down. 

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