Spine Alignment Stretches, Exercises & Products for Spinal Fitness

Creatrix Solutions offers a suite of spine alignment stretches, exercises and products to help fix back and neck pain and enhance athletic performance, based on the mathematical research and experience of Dr. John Scherger. All of our spinal fitness solutions can be used in the comfort of your own home, but they are also portable, allowing you to bring them with you on the go! From our Neck Shaper that uses exercises to fix tech neck and forward head posture, to our comfortable Back Trac Foam Roller that massages the spine into better alignment, Creatrix Solutions offers products that can finally improve your spinal curve for true SPINAL FITNESS!

Back & Neck Pain Solutions

Want to finally fix your back pain issues? To help people with back and neck pain, we offer the Neck Shaper, Back Trac Foam Roller and also a series of Neck & Low Back Foam Rollers that come in five sizes and three foam densities to allow each person the individual support that works best for their body. If you are new to Creatrix Solutions Foam Rollers, we created a Sizing Kit and Demo Video to help determine which sizes and densities are right for you! Also, don't forget to download our free PDF Exercise Guides to learn spine alignment stretches and exercises to achieve ideal posture and strength for immediate results AND long-term success!

Athletic Performance Solutions

Want to run faster, jump higher or hit harder? Whether you are an athlete that has suffered from an injury to the back or neck, or you are looking to improve your athletic performance, Creatrix Solutions has the equipment, knowledge and training resources to help you achieve optimal spinal fitness results! All our exercise and spinal fitness products are based on the science and experience of Dr. John S. Scherger. Dr. Scherger helped teams like the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, New York Giants and New York Jets achieve miraculous success at not only training their athletes, but also choosing the best players to draft, based on their spinal fitness! Dr. John S. Scherger explained muscle attachments do not change. When function and movement are impaired by improper spinal posture, weightlifting focused only on muscle development will NOT improve physical performance.

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Our customers include chiropractors, physical therapists, medical professionals, patients, elite athletes, and more, including Luke Rockhold, Tyson Ross, Nate Diaz, Nick Diaz, Gilbert Melendez, Matt Rife, Taylor Motter, Jet Johnson, Ian Gilbaut, Greg Vaughn, and J L Skinner.

Luke Rockhold, Two-Time World Champion, UFC Fighter

Luke Rockhold is using Creatrix Solutions products, including the Neck Shaper, Foam Rollers, Back Trac, and Power Cushion to come back from injury, avoid surgery, and train for his upcoming fights! Go Luke!!!

Spine Alignment Stretches & Exercises: Free PDF Guides

Exercises We Recommend and Exercises To Avoid
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Exercises We Recommend and Exercises to Avoid

Learn the importance of quality training and what makes Spinal Fitness an essential part of any exercise and treatment program.

How to do the sit-up properly
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How to do the Sit-Up

The sit-up can be performed over a specifically designed exercise support fulcrum called the Posture Corrector Cushion or a sleeping bag. Learn how to do a proper sit-up in this guide.

Spinal Twist Exercise
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How To Do the Spinal Twist

The Spinal Twist enables the middle of the spinal discs to return to their fluid state. In this "gelled state," the spine can best be "molded", with the use of the neck and back shaper spinal brace supports. This allows the spinal muscles to relax, so your whole body is prepared for restful sleep.

How to do the pelvic tilt exercise
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How to do the Pelvic Tilt

The purpose of this exercise is to support a strong lower back that is orthopedically correct. This can also help to treat pathologies, including out-of-place bones or bulged discs that can cause pain, pinched nerves, and/or disability.


Neck Flexion Exercise
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How to do the Neck Flexion

This exercise supports movement through a range of motion (while in an upright position) to develop resistance from horizontal forces against the neck muscles. If you correctly perform this exercise, your lower back should develop a curve.


How To Evaluate Spinal Curvature and Athletic Ability
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How to Evaluate Spinal Curvature and Athletic Ability

This guide provides a scientific way to determine if you have underlying poor spinal posture that could put you at risk of injury. Dr. John S. Scherger used these principles to consult with professional NFL teams to pick superior athletes and taught them how to get and maintain the Correct Neutral Spine.