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Heat Lamp 4 Bulb Set - 240 Volts International Only

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Sauna Fix Lamp Fixture

Heat Lamp Bulbs - Infrared Sauna Fix Brand - 240 Volt

Powerfully detox your body with near infrared sauna therapy and the use of these specially designed heat lamp bulbs.  These are the perfect bulbs for use with the Sauna Fix near infrared sauna for an energy efficient and healing sauna experience.  The bulbs emit red light, near infrared, mid-infrared, and far infrared light rays in the 550-3000 nm range, with most of the frequencies in the near infrared spectrum.  Take a look at the product test report for these fantastic bulbs. 

The benefits of near infrared sauna therapy are numerous, including the exclusive side-to-side blood shunting effect that is not found with any other type of sauna.  Increase circulation benefits, detox the body, alleviate pain, boost energy, revitalize the skin, and so much more with this healing therapy. 

Near infrared sauna therapy is more energy efficient and safer compared to far infrared saunas. Purchase these bulbs for use with your Sauna Fix for the optimal healing experience.  Be sure to wear the NIR Sauna and Blue Light Protection Glasses as well to protect your eyes from any damage.