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Organic Floor Sweeper Fleece 3-Pack

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0.45 LBS
Floor sweeper not included.

Organic Floor Fleece picks up all kinds of dirt

Organic Floor Sweeper Fleece 3-Pack

3-Pack Organic Floor Sweeper Fleece - Washable 80% bamboo / 20% cotton 528 gm M3 heavy fleece

Keep your home green and safe with this natural and organic floor cleaner! The sweeper fleece is made from our fantastic 80% Bamboo and 20% cotton 528 gm M3 thick material, and can be used wet or dry on a Swiffer or other brand of floor sweeper (not included with purchase). The fleece holds five times its weight in water, and is excellent for cleaning all types of flooring. 

The fabric is pre-washed in hot water, and is naturally rejuvenated after washing and drying, unlike other washable polyester fleece that require air drying. It will not shrink after washing in any temperature, and the material will not lose its ability to pick up hair off the floor. 

Made in the United States, this high quality thread is serged at the ends, and the serger threads are tucked under the 100% nylon fold over elastic, and topped off with a 3 needle cover stitch for durability.