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IONIC Refresher 12-Pack

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Will work with any voltage as long as you have a plug adapter

IONIC Refresher 12-Pack

Ionic Refresher Air Purifier

The Whole House Air Purification Solution  

Get clean air with negative ions! Use nature's air purifiers to eliminate contaminants. 

Quality air is so important to our health, but unfortunately, dust, sand, smoke, and other contaminants cloud up what we inhale every day. Those who endure allergies and respiratory illnesses need clean air even more.  The solution can be found with negative ions, which remove odor and dangerous substances to result in fresh and purified air. 

What are negative ions? Negative ions form when air molecules, such as oxygen or nitrogen, are negatively charged. Negative ions naturally cleanse the air to produce a purified breathing environment.  This is so important, as indoor air can be 2-5 times even more toxic compared to outdoor air, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. 

The Ionic Refresher provides the solution of negative ions, as it generates over 32,000 per cubic centimeter.  The machine runs silently and continuously, while sterilizing 99.99% of the air in 24 hours.  We suggest running one in every room of your home or office for a fully purified breathing space. Purchasing this 12-pack is a great start to creating a healthy home. You may also wish to gift them to a friend or loved one to enhance the quality of the air they breathe as well. 

The efficiency of the negative ions is even more powerful in this device, thanks to the carbon fiber tip. It enhances the antimicrobial and sterilizing power.

The Ionic Refresher operates with any voltage.  You only need a plug adapter to convert the USA plug. No step-up transformer is required. 

The Ionic Refresher is EMF safe, as well as ROHS, CE, and RCC certified. View laboratory test results hereOnly simple cleaning is needed for the Ionic Refresher. Wipe dust from the front and around the unit to keep the wall clean. 

The Ionic Refresher is also wonderful to use for help with cannabis growth and can really make a difference. A study of the effects of negative ions on sativa seedlings found the plant significantly grew with exposure to the ions. The extent of the plant's growth is dependent on the ions' density. Learn more...

Use negative ions to purify the air with the Ionic Refresher!


Warranty Information
1-year warranty. This does not cover cost of shipping to or from after 30 days. It also does not cover accidental damage, such as impaired plasma function due to dropping the device. Upon inspection, replacement or repair for any damage caused by misuse.