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Tri-OXY® Refresh Ozone Diffuser & Degassing Kit

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Water Ozonator

Tri-OXY® Refresh Ozone Diffuser & Degassing Kit

Disclaimer: Will work with any brand of ozone generator (not included). 

Tri-OXY Refresh is a patented product made of Class A ozone resistant and food grade materials.

Natural Center for Biotechnology Information ( studies confirm lung damage from ozone gas exposure. However, multiple studies confirm ozonated water benefits, including increased: glutathione peroxidase, superoxide dismutase, catalase, prostacyclin, red blood cell glycolysis rate, oxygen metabolism; and inactivation of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, and protozoa. This ozone diffuser degasses 100% of excess ozone not dissolved in water, as well as eliminates potential toxic gas exposure and lung damage. 

Designed in the USA by Practitioner Eileen Durfee, Tri-OXY Refresh makes drinking ozonated water totally safe by destroying ozone gas as it leaves the water, making the surrounding air safe to breathe. This device also extends life of ozone generators. 

Ozonate water in less time with the 0.5 micron size diffuser pores than with the typical sizes of 100 microns or larger!

TIP:  Fill the glass jar with water and leave two (2) inches of space between the water level and the blue filter container, to ensure that the filter media inside the degassing container stays dry.  If you accidently get the pellets wet empty out the filter container and lay out the screen, fabric filter, and pellets to thoroughly dry, then reassemble for use.

Tri-Oxy Refresh Diffuser and Degasser

Kit contents:

1- Vented Cap

1- Cap O-ring

1- Cap Seal

1- Container

1- Container Seal

1- Container Filter

1- Container Screen

70 grams Catalyst (good for 10 years)

1- 1000ml Glass Jar and Lid

1- Silicone Tube

1- 0.5 micron SS-316 FDA approved diffuser

1- 50-60 micron SS-316 FDA approved diffuser


WARNING regarding the 0.5 Micron diffuser: After ozonating water, unscrew the blue filter container and lift the stainless steel diffuser out of the water, empty the water from the jar, screw the filter container back on the jar, and continue bubbling Ozone gas through the diffuser. This process will blow out water from diffuser pores and prevent clogging.  Otherwise minerals in the water will clog the small pores in the diffuser, and prevent ozone gas from bubbling out of the pores the next time you use it. This process is not required for the 50-60 micron diffuser.