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Sizing Kit - Neck and Back Shaper Foam Rolls

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Sizing Kit - Neck and Back Shaper Foam Rolls

Five (5) rolls that are three (3) inches long in different densities are included in this kit.  The kit enables you to evaluate lumbar and cervical curvature, and purchase the correct diameter and density of Neck and Back Shaper spinal support rolls.  Diameters included:  2.75", 3.00", 3.25", 3.5" and 3.75"

Color indicates density - 

Aquamarine represents "Soft"

Orange represents "Medium"

Maroon represents "Hard"

How To Use the Neck and Back Shaper Sizing Kit

How to Size the Neck

Generally, you start with a roll that fills the neck curve and still allows the back of the head to touch the floor or surface while laying down.  In extreme forward head posture cases, where the individual lays down and the back of their head cannot touch the floor or surface (without a roll), adequately support the head without propping it up further, so gravity can gradually decrease forward head posture.

It is essential to buy two diameters of the Neck Shaper roll, one that fills the neck curve and is comfortable: and the next size up in diameter. To gently increase curvature, use the larger diameter where you couldn't stand laying over the roll for 20 minutes, with the back of your head still barely touching the laying surface. If you have severe forward head posture and your head cannot rest on the floor, your head must be gently supported up off the floor for comfort. Order two diameters of the Neck Shaper roll, one that comfortably supports your head and the next smaller diameter so gravity can decrease the forward head posture to improve curvature.

How to Size the Low Back

The Back Shaper roll is positioned underneath your body one inch above the upper portion of the hip bone (iliac crest) to fill the small of your low back curve.   You should be able to lay flat with your legs extended and be comfortable.  It is essential to buy two diameters of the Back Shaper roll, one that feels comfortable with your legs extended and the next size up, where you must bend your knees with your feet flat on the floor to become comfortable.

Neck and Back Rolls Sizing Kit Creatrix SolutionsTips in Sizing 

Usually, the smaller the spinal curve, the smaller diameter of a cushion is needed as the starting point.  Then, start with the "Soft" Aquamarine density roll if your body is sore or injured.  

Athletic individuals do well with the "Medium" Orange density rolls when not injured or in pain.  Athletes with a strong core and average to good curve do well with the "Hard" Maroon density rolls. After strenuous exercise, the individual may use both the "Soft" and "Medium" density rolls in varying diameters to enhance recovery and develop ideal curvature and posture.

As curvature increases, so should the diameter and density of the roll used.

The rolls properly support the head and low back when sitting on a couch or chair.  Most furniture these days do not help or improve posture, and the rolls can enhance your comfort while using a sofa or chair. The diameter and density of the rolls will vary depending on the furniture.




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