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Sauna Rebuild - Out of Warranty

Up to 14 Days after receipt of Sauna Fix Lamp
30.00 LBS
Calculated at Checkout

Sauna Lamp Rebuild - Out of Warranty

Purchases of sauna fix lamps prior to February 15, 2019, are no longer under warranty. 

However, we do provide a complete rebuild service where we remove all wiring and install shielded/grounded wiring, heat shield tubing, ceramic sockets, and a heavy duty power cord with an upgraded switch.  The parts are rated for up to 300 degrees and should last a lifetime.  If you purchase this sauna lamp rebuild, your lamp will carry a lifetime warranty, with proof of purchase, in case a problem occurs in the future.  This warranty is valid for the purchaser and is not transferrable to a new owner, in the event the sauna is sold to another person.

Turnaround time after we receive your lamp can be up to 14 days until your item is shipped.  You will receiving a tracking email for the FedEx shipment.

EXCLUDED:  Bulbs, and Shipping the lamp to us for this rebuild service

INSTRUCTIONS -   You must pay for and ship the lamp naked (without the chains, ratchets, glasses, or bulbs) with either your original purchase invoice, or a paper with your Name, shipping address, phone number, and email address; to us at the below address.  You can put the lamp inside the travel bag to protect it during shipment and we will return the repaired lamp in the bag if you send us the bag.


Creatrix Solutions LLC

214 E. Albany Avenue, Building E101

Kennewick, WA 99336

NOTE:  If your sauna lamp is contaminated with mold WE WILL NOT REBUILD THE SAUNA.  If you ship us a lamp with mold it will be destroyed and the money paid will be kept as a disposal fee, and you will not qualify for a refund.