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Sauna Fix Manual


How to take a sauna

Near infrared sauna therapy is made easy and convenient with the Sauna Fix, which you can use in the comfort of your own home.  We encourage use of the sauna with one of the radiant sauna tents for maximum benefits. 


What time of day is best to sauna? 

  • The best time to take a sauna is either in the morning or before bed at a night. Whenever you do sauna, make sure it's at least an hour or two after eating. 

How long should you use the sauna? 

  • The duration of your recommended sauna session depends on your health.  Most people can begin with 15-20 minutes per sauna.  Limit sessions to 30 minutes each for the first few weeks, and gradually increase up to 60 minutes. You should use the sauna once or twice a day.  Please note that these are basic guidelines. We recommend you get a hair analysis to determine how long your body can benefit from this therapy.

How to prepare for a sauna

Before the sauna: 

  • Drink 8 ounces of spring water.
  • Try dry skin brushing to loosen toxic matter and make sauna therapy more effective. 
  • Remove as much clothing as possible. We recommend taking a sauna in the nude. 

Remember that no pre-heat is required with the use of the Sauna Tent, so you can begin to sauna as soon as you turn on the lamp.

While in the sauna: 

  • Avoid looking directly into the near infrared light.  
  • Wear the Near Infrared and Blue Light Protection Glasses
  • Keep your body about 18-24 inches from the bulbs during the sauna.
  • Rotate 90 degrees every few minutes.  
  • Wipe off your sweat with a towel, such as bamboo fleece, and place a towel underneath you.  Keep rotating every few minutes to expose all sides of the body to the near infrared light.  

After the sauna:

  • Shower in warm water to open up the skin's pores and rinse off remaining toxins, then switch the water temperature to cold to take advantage of cold thermogenesis benefits. If you have an ozonated shower, you can simply shower in cold water. Ozonated water oxidizes toxins and adds oxygen through the pores. 
  • Drink another 8-16 ounces of spring water.
  • Rest by sitting or lying down for about 10 minutes before continuing about your daily activities.

Safety precautions

  • Do not use in or near water. The bulbs are shatter resistant, but not shatter proof. It is important to keep them away from all forms of water, and be cautious when moving the Sauna Fix.
  • Do not over-tighten the bulbs, or turn on the Sauna Fix if the bulbs are not properly screwed in. This could increase the chance of explosion.
  • If the bulbs begin to turn cloudy or appear more orange in color, they may be going bad. Turn the Sauna Fix off to avoid explosion right away, and be sure to replace the bulb(s).
  • If you turn red and/or have trouble breathing, turn off the sauna. Many people do not properly sweat, and may overheat without realizing it.
  • If you are very heat-sensitive, have multiple sclerosis, diabetes, a heart condition, or have used psychotropic drugs in the past, we recommend you have someone accompany you during the sauna. 
  • If you have a respiratory condition, and experience difficultly breathing while in the sauna, be sure to sit up comfortably and breathe slowly. You can open the door if you are not comfortable. The process will become easier as you get used to sweating. 
  • We do not recommend sauna therapy for children under 6 years of age. Their sweat glands are not as developed as adults.
  • Do not wear jewelry during the sauna. It can become too hot and cause a burn.
  • Saunas and alcohol to not mix.
  • Sauna therapy is very powerful, and should be approached with caution and common sense. Do not begin with a sauna any longer than 20 minutes.