Sauna Wear

Further the benefits of near infrared sauna therapy with special wearable products!

Creatrix Solutions Presents the New Sauna Hat

The goal of every sauna session is to increase your core body temperature, so cover up your head with the Organic Sauna Hat.  The head loses more heat than other parts of the body in an attempt to lower your temperature.  Using the hat keeps the body from cooling off as fast, so you will sweat more in less time, and experience greater detoxification and immune boosting benefits.  The hat also catches dripping sweat from getting in your eyes.

Heat and hair do not mix!  Taking regular saunas or exercising with near infrared lights dry out the hair shaft, causing damage.  Try a hot oil treatment on your hair during your sauna or exercise session.  Just cover up and wear the soft, comfy, organic fleece sauna hat, and look great.

Another reason to cover up your head is to protect brain tissue.  Modern saunas use light to penetrate deep in the body which activates cells to produce more ATP.  This internal activation increases brain tissue temperature from the inside out.  We want the body to get hot and to keep thermal heat from escaping out of the head. However, we do not want to trigger brain tissue to produce more heat from the inside. Wear the Organic Sauna Hat to safely decrease light penetration into brain tissue, and benefit from greater core body temperature.

Take advantage of added benefits of sauna therapy with our new Castor Oil Wrap with Organic Bamboo/Cotton Fleece Liner! The amazing benefits of castor oil can't be overemphasized. You can purchase the liner for this Body Wrap separately or get the whole package. 


Products coming soon include:

With the upcoming products you will be able to do such things as take a hot oil treatment on your hands and feet while in the sauna, and also follow up the session with an organic body wrap.  Keep an eye out for these fantastic new additions to the Sauna Fix family that will complement your sauna even more!